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Interim Communications Consultant Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort, 2014-2015

  • Improve internal communications.
  • Develop and implement internal branding programme.
  • Develop internal and external communications plan.
  • Internal communications activities for dismissal of 75 fte.
  • Develop and give communications training to managers and staff.

Interim Communications Project leader Rabobank Nederland, 2014-2015

  • Internal communications activities for the name change of Crisis Management & Fraudebestrijding to Financial Economic Crime.
  • Internal communications activities for the name change of Rabobank Nederland / International to Rabobank for Toezicht & Compliance.

Social media, 2014-2015

  • Develop training social media strategy and train Vivium Zorggroep.
  • Develop Be Social / social media strategy training and LinkedIn training and train SME entrepreneurs.
  • Develop and deploy LinkedIn company page for Maritime Travel Services.

PR & Communications Karate-do Bond Nederland, 2013-2015

  • Develop and implement strategic communications plan.
  • Tender for and implement new website.
  • Communications activities for Premier League tournament Lotto Dutch Open 2013-2015 (600 participants, 50 countries): social media, website, newsletters, press.

Interim Senior Communications Consultant Eneco, 2013

  • Communications activities for the concession procedure for a new biomass power plant in Utrecht (BEC Groene Weide).
  • Development and maintenance of the BEC Groene Weide website.
  • Organisation of the evening forum for local residents and other stakeholders.

Internal Branding/Internal Communications Autobar Holland, 2012

  • Develop and give a workshop internal branding to the Board of Directors.
  • Develop internal communications strategy.

Communications Consultancy Zorgwerk Uitzendbureau, 2009–2013

  • Internal and external communications and press activities for several related home care organisations.
  • Internal and external/client communications and press activities for the loss of a tender; therefore dismissal of 95% of the employees.
  • Develop and give communications training to interagents.
  • Communications activities for several projects and acquisition by Asito Groep.
  • Help develop Marketing Plan 2010–2012.

Several Activities/Assignments, 2012-2013

  • Internal communications plan for the merger of two vmbo colleges.
  • Workshop Internal Communications “Dealing with resistance” for 16 large and semi large municipalities.
  • Guest lecture Internal Communications at InHolland.
  • Develop and give communications training to De Kleine Burgt (day care company).
  • Develop and organise workshop Positioning for Het Tasveld.
  • Develop workshop “Connecting of Brand and Employees”.

Interim Senior Internal Communications Consultant Woonstad Rotterdam, 2011–2012

  • Analysis of internal communications issues, develop strategic internal communications plan, incl. intranet improvement plan.
  • Develop and execution communications plan for new organisation strategy.
  • Define current situation organisation culture and develop plan of action.
  • Develop and execute internal communications plans for departure director, customer strategy and people survey.

Interim Manager Cooperative, Communications & Marketing Rabobank Amerstreek, 2010-2011

  • Implement and embed new CCM organisation structure.
  • Reduce formation. Related to this, determine which tasks are to be done by the team and which tasks are to be outsourced.
  • Determine vision and strategy CCM and team plan 2011.
  • Advise Board of Directors and commercial managers on the strategic marketing, communications and cooperative strategy.
  • Develop crisis communications plan.
  • Determine the basis for the corporate communications strategy.
  • Professionalise department by increasing efficiency and quality, coaching and training.
  • Recruitment of CCM Manager.

Interim Manager afdeling Marketing, Communications & Cooperative Rabobank West-Brabant Noord, 2009

  • Internal communications for the change management Programme 2010: Processes & Management.
  • Analysis of and advise on place of MCC tasks in the organisation (centralised vs. decentralised).
  • Lead the Marketing, Communications & Cooperative team (8 fte).
  • Coaching and development of the team members.
  • Analyse en advies plaats en organisatie van MCC-taken (centraal vs decentraal).
  • Improve efficiency and quality level and as a result the department’s image.
  • Advise Board of Directors and (commercial) Managers on marketing, communications and cooperative strategy.<
  • Recruitment of CCM Manager.

Interim Programme Manager ING OIB, 2008

  • OIB corporate values programme: launch of values, installation project board, expand project team, set up sounding board, develop and rollout of Q4 2008 and Q1 2009 activities, embed in several programs.

Internal Communications Manager a.i. ING OIB/SCM, 2008

  • Set up and realisation of internal communications strategy for the division Securities & Capital Markets (part of Operations & IT Banking/Wholesale).
  • Responsible for the internal communications process.
  • Advice to General Manager and management team.

Marketing, Communications & Sales Program Manager Ernst & Young Nederland, 2007-2008

  • Realisation internal programme to improve proactive behaviour.
  • Internal communications Global Marketing Calendar.
  • Implementation alumni programme.

PR & Communications activities Dutch Karate-do Federation, 2004–2010

  • Redesign the quarterly magazine for members (Taiko). Activities: new editorial protocol, new design, editorship.
  • PR & Communications project management for the international tournament Dutch Open 2005 and 2009.
  • Organisation of Kids Day during Dutch Open 2005.
  • Board member PR & Communications 2004-2005.

International Internal Communications Manager Ernst & Young Central Europe Area, 2003-2007

  • Structure CEA Internal Communications Team.
  • Develop and implement internal communications strategy and structure for the Area.
  • Develop and execute Area Awareness Project: focused on integration of 20 countries, 23,000 people, overcome cultural differences.
  • Develop and implement CE Area intranet site with daily news and weekly newsletter.
  • Project management for selection and implementation of new Content Management System.
  • Development and realisation of several Internal Communication plans.

Internal Communications Manager Ernst & Young Nederland, 2001-2007

  • Develop, implement and monitor the strategic internal communications plan.
  • Implementation Our Values Statement.
  • Develop and realisation Corporate Story.
  • Develop and realisation of change management programme pro-active behaviour.
  • Develop and realisation programme to celebrate 125 years existence.
  • Several (HR related )Internal Communications projects.

PR & Communications Specialist Compaq Distribution Center Europe, 1997-2000

  • Develop and realisation of several internal communications tools (face-to-face, print and online).
  • Develop and realisation internal communications plan for several (HR) programmes.
  • Develop visitor programme.
  • Sponsoring, donations, business gifts.
  • Facilitate culture workshops.
  • Sponsoring, donaties, relatiegeschenken.
  • Facilitate culture workshops.

Other activities


  • EURIB Master of Brand Management, Thesis: Do organisations reagard independent professionals as brand builders?
  • NIMA PR A en B
  • NIMA Marketing A en B


  • NIMA (Dutch Institute for Marketing)
  • Logeion (Association for Communications Professionals)
  • PZO (Platform Independent Entrepreneurs)