Internal branding

The (brand) image an organisation aims for is built from within the organisation. It is formed by the daily actions from your employees: they way your people deliver your services, handle complaints, interact with the outside world, how systems are arranged, etc. Employees have to live your brand for clients and other stakeholders. For this, it is necessary that they feel connected with the organisation, product or service.

Therefore, the consultancy of DiCompass is focused on this: connecting the organisation and employee. In other words, not only ensure people want to, but also can and know what to do.

I help your organisation with

  • Develop your Internal Branding programme
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Sounding board
  • Coaching

Would you like to know what DiCompass can do for your organisation? Please contact me on +31 (0)6 52 509 609.

Internal branding case

Enhance proactive behaviour at Ernst & Young Netherlands

At Ernst & Young Netherlands I was Manager for the Change Management programme Proactive behaviour. This was one of the programmes set up to embed the Values Statement of Ernst & Young. Research showed that both clients and Ernst & Young-people thought that the organisation had to act more proactively. The programme consisted of items such as: development of a film, awareness sessions, intensive Communications programme, by means of Q-sort (TDF/Q-research) trace the needs and priorities the organisation has in order to be able to make the necessary changes in behaviour possible, and embed these in HR processes and systems.

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We have come to know Diana as a very involved, committed and enthusiastic colleague. Characteristic is her way of working with other people, and her positive, professional, service minded and practical attitude. With her enthusiasm she always creates a positive and nice environment. In addition, I always valued her effectiveness and decisiveness very much: whenever she is committed to a task, she makes sure it gets done.
Rob Meijers, Directeur Marketing,
Communicatie & Sales Ernst & Young Nederland

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