Workshop Connecting your brand and your people

Brand promise

Organisations are often not aware that they have to align their people with their brand promise. And that is actually quite strange. After all, it is up to the employees to live the brand towards customers and other stakeholders. They do that by doing their daily work, how they treat customers, the way they handle complaints, communicate, you name it. Your employees are your ambassadors. For this they need to feel connected to the organisation, product or service.

A lot of employees do not understand the brand promise or simply don’t believe in it (or buy it). Or they do not feel connected to the organisation or even worse, they have hostile feelings towards their employer. Therefore, it is useless to spend a lot of money in promoting an ideal picture through for instance advertising, if employees are not aligned with the brand promise.


How do you make sure that employees live up to the brand promise? How do you make sure that employees understand what the brand promise means for their daily work?
The workshop Internal Branding will give participants insights to what you can do to improve the connection between organisation/brand and employee. Based on concrete steps participants will work on questions like:

  • What is the brand promise of your organisation?
  • What behaviour supports the promise? What behavious does not?
  • What do you need to deliver on the brand promise?

In short, a practical workshop focussed on thinking and acting.


This in company workshop is tailor made for your organisation. Would you like to know the possibilities? Please contact me on +31 (0)6 52 509 609 or send me a message.