Passion and commitment.
That is Diana Pluut.
That is DiCompass.

Every change in an organisation cannot be realised without communications. From new clients to a reorganisation, from a new logo to a strategy change or start using social media. And communications works best if all those involved participate.

Therefore, the consultancy of DiCompass focuses on Communications through participation. In other words, communications not only by thinking along but also joining.

Would you like to know how DiCompass can help your organisation? Please contact me by phone +31 (0)6 52509 609 or send me a message.

Koffiedrinken rond het woord Brand


The workshop “Connecting your Brand and People” will give participants insights to what you can do to improve the connection between organisation/brand and employee. In short it helps organisations to think about the brand promise of the organisation, what kind of behaviour supports the promise and what kind of behaviour does not? In short, a practical workshop focussed on thinking and participating.