Internal Communications

Excellent Internal Communications is required to realise individual and organisation goals (e.g. being able to do your work), to support the organisation in times of change and to increase employee engagement. Engaged employees are willing to work harder and perform better. As a result the organisation will also perform better.
Internal Communications is not just a responsibility of the Communications department. All employees, team leaders, managers and directors play an important role in this process.

Therefore, the consultancy of DiCompass is focused on this: review the whole process. In other words not only optimize communications tools, but also connect with the organisation strategy and embed everyone’s role and responsibilities.

I help your organisation with

  • Strategy and consultancy
  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Sounding board
  • Coaching

Would you like to know how I can improve Internal Communications in your organisation? Please contact me on +31 (0)6 52 509 609.

Internal Communications case

Develop Internal Communications Strategy at Woonstad Rotterdam

For Woonstad Rotterdam I developed a new Internal Communications Strategy to improve the Internal Communications structure and process. As a result Woonstad Rotterdam is better able to create support and deploy Communications from a shared vision. In addition, I developed and implemented an Internal Communications plan for the development of the new organisation strategy.

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Diana is always working with a smile, even in difficult situations. She is a professional, determined, sensitive and analytical. She took care of the Internal Communications for the development of our new organisation strategy. She constantly engaged the employees in the different phases of the process and the final strategy. The Internal Communications in general has improved in our organisation because of her approach.
Maria Molenaar
Bestuursvoorzitter Woonstad Rotterdam

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