Internal communications reorganisation

Schoonenberg HoorSupport

In times of reorganisations with uncertainty and incomprehension among employees, I set out the communications strategy, helped the organisation with the process of looking at a future-oriented organisation and made the translation to communications activities. These activities consisted of developing a communication strategy with core messages for internal and external audiences, content creation for various communication tools and training of managers. I switched between strategy and execution according to what could best contribute at that moment.

16 March 2019| Schoonenberg HoorSupport |

Communications activities biomass power plant


For Eneco Energy I organised several communications activities for the concession procedure for a new biomass power plant in Utrecht (Eneco BEC Groene Weide). Examples of these activities are: development and maintenance website and the succesful organisation of an evening forum for local residents and other stakeholders.

31 October 2014| Eneco |

Develop strategic internal communications plan and plan of action organisation culture

Woonstad Rotterdam

I developed a new strategic internal communications plan for Woonstad Rotterdam to improve the internal communications structure and process. In addition I was in charge of all communications activities around the development of the new organisation strategy to engage the people in this process and the new strategy.
I also analysed the current state of the organisation culture. Based on this analysis I developed a plan of action, which helps Woonstad Rotterdam to improve the culture.

31 October 2014| Woonstad Rotterdam |

Structuring Cooperative, Communications & Marketing department

Rabobank Amerstreek

For this assignment at Rabobank Amerstreek I succeeded in bringing structure to the team, create an entrepreneurial and proactive team spirit and advanced the cooperation between the team members. In a difficult situation I swiftly set the direction and subsequently ensured the team members became involved in this new direction.

21 November 2014| Rabobank |

Position of the Marketing, Communication & Cooperation activities in the organisation

Rabobank West-Brabant Noord

This assignment is done at Rabobank West-Brabant Noord. Next to bringing structure to the team and managing and coaching the employees, the discussion took place whether the activities had to be organised centrally or decentralised. For this the ist and soll situations were analysed and the necessary steps to get from ist to soll were determined. The ist situation consisted of an analysis of the tasks, activities and problems. Soll indicated the best way of supporting the organisation from a Marketing, Communication and Cooperation’s perspective. Based on this analysis I advised the Board of Directors about the place of the Marketing, Communications and Cooperation activities in the organisation. After several constructive discussions the Board of Directors accepted my advise.

21 November 2014| Rabobank |

Start embedding Corporate Values

ING Bank

The division Operations & IT Banking at ING was dealing with a very large transformation programme. In order to make the necessary behavioural changes possible in this division of 11,000 employees, there was a strong need for one common starting point: the corporate values of ING OIB. The values were determined by the Executive Team. I started a programme to embed these values in the organisation.
For this I set up a project board and project team. And to ensure that all activities were in line with the needs of the organisation, a sounding board was set up as well. All departments were represented in the sounding board. Each quarter a number of activities were determined and rolled out to embed the corporate values. After a successful start and three months later, this project was handed over to a permanent employee of the Communications department.

21 November 2014| ING |

Change Management programme Proactive behaviour

Ernst & Young Nederland

At Ernst & Young Netherlands I was the Programme Manager of the Change Management programme Proactive behaviour. This was one of the programmes set up to embed the Values Statement of Ernst & Young. Research showed that both clients and Ernst & Young-people thought that the organisation had to act more proactively. And proactive behaviour was one of the items in the Values Statement. The Change Management programme which was developed consisted of items such as: development of a film, awareness sessions, intensive Communications programme, by means of Q-sort (TDF/Q-research) trace the needs and priorities the organisation has in order to be able to make the necessary changes in behaviour possible, and embed these in HR processes and systems.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Area Awareness programme

Ernst & Young

The merge of Ernst & Young firms in a great deal of countries resulted in the Central Europe Area: 20 countries and 23,000 people (from the Netherlands to Russia and Kazakhstan). For the objective to overcome cultural differences and stimulate working together I developed the CE Area Awareness Plan. This plan focused on the integration of countries and people. I was responsible for implementing the Area intranet with a lot of local information and news. After people were aware of the cultural differences the focus changed to aspects that people shared and have in common. For instance a CE Area Cookbook was developed and published. The Area Awareness programme was rolled out in all CE Area countries. I lead the international Internal Communications team.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Celebration of 125 years

Ernst & Young

In 2008 Ernst & Young in the Netherlands existed for 125 years. To celebrate this occasion, I lead a team to compose a programme with activities for the whole jubilee year and for several stakeholders. The programme consisted of a party for all employees and partners in Ahoy’ (Rotterdam), a celebration event for former partners, one for pensioners and one for alumni. In addition a professional competence book was published and the jubilee year was closed with a gala evening for customers and relations in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
I was responsible for the intensive Communications programme around this jubilee year and the party.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Implementation Alumni programme

Ernst & Young

This programme was set up for all former employees of Ernst & Young in the Netherlands. The most important activities that I accomplished are the implementation of the alumni registration system and content management system, substantial growth of the number of registered alumni, upgrade of the alumni website and develop a programme for top alumni.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Development Corporate Story

Ernst & Young

Embedding the Values Statement was a Change Management programme lead by me that lasted several years. One of the activities was the development and publication of the Corporate Story of Ernst & Young. I ensured research was done by interviewing people in and outside the company. This resulted in an analysis which formed the basis for the story. The next step was to have the concept developed and the story written. The result is a beautiful book called ‘A firm with character’. It shows who Ernst & Young is and what it stands for.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Implementation intranet

Ernst & Young

Under my supervision the Global Combined Intranet was implemented at Ernst & Young (EY) in the Netherlands in 2003. This intranet was owned by EY Global for 50% and by EY Netherlands for the other 50%. At that time, EY Netherlands was one of the three countries that implemented this intranet and therefore, leader within the worldwide Ernst & Young organisation. As a result I helped EY firms in other countries with the implementation of the intranet.

21 November 2014| Ernst & Young |

Organisation of open house event

Compaq DCE

For all the employees of Compaq DCE and their family members, I was responsible for the organisation of an open house event. This event consisted of the reception, tour through the well advanced logistic center, photo shooting and a drink and snack. There were around 2,000 visitors.

21 November 2014| Compaq |