Structuring Cooperative, Communications & Marketing department

Rabobank Amerstreek

For this assignment at Rabobank Amerstreek I succeeded in bringing structure to the team, create an entrepreneurial and proactive team spirit and advanced the cooperation between the team members. In a difficult situation I swiftly set the direction and subsequently ensured the team members became involved in this new direction.

21 November 2014| Rabobank |

Position of the Marketing, Communication & Cooperation activities in the organisation

Rabobank West-Brabant Noord

This assignment is done at Rabobank West-Brabant Noord. Next to bringing structure to the team and managing and coaching the employees, the discussion took place whether the activities had to be organised centrally or decentralised. For this the ist and soll situations were analysed and the necessary steps to get from ist to soll were determined. The ist situation consisted of an analysis of the tasks, activities and problems. Soll indicated the best way of supporting the organisation from a Marketing, Communication and Cooperation’s perspective. Based on this analysis I advised the Board of Directors about the place of the Marketing, Communications and Cooperation activities in the organisation. After several constructive discussions the Board of Directors accepted my advise.

21 November 2014| Rabobank |