Change Communications

Every change in an organisation cannot be realised without communication. From new customers to a complete reorganisation, from a new logo to a strategy change, from a new software tool to a organisation culture change. Communication works best when everybody who is involved, understand the impact of the change, feel engaged and participate.

Therefore, the consultancy of DiCompass is focused on this: communication through participation. In other words not just by thinking along, but also act along.

I help your organisation with

  • Development of Change Communications programme
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Sounding Board
  • Coaching
  • Training / workshops

Would you like to know how I can help your organisation with change management issues? Please contact me on +31 (0)6 52 509 609.

Change Communications case

Change programme Lean Six Sigma at Rabobank West-Brabant Noord

At Rabobank West-Brabant Noord I was responsible for communications for the programme Processes & Direction. The goal of this change management programme was to improve customer service, improve commercial strength and efficiency based on Lean Six Sigma principles. This programme was successful as communication was focussed on information, inspiration and participation.

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Ihave come to know Diana as a very committed professional. Empathic and sensitive, however, when needed also tough on the professional content. Together with Diana and the local project team I have implemented an improvement programme at a large local bank. Like no other, Diana managed to connect the commercial directorates and the staff department she was leading as an interim manager. And so the bank was able to:
  • better work according to standardised processes and reduce waste.
  • be more aware of and estimate the dynamics in the market.
  • become more aware of efficiency possibilities and clear job demarcation in staff departments.
  • understand that Lean Six Sigma is applicable for the whole organisation.
Diana’s enthusiasm for implementing the theory of Lean Six Sigma in her own department created a lot of positive energy for me and the project team members and it helped the bank in accomplishing an above average, well done result.
Ian John Koelewijn, Senior businessconsultant Rabobank Nederland

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