Professionalise Communications department

A department sometimes goes through stormy times. A reorganisations needs to be implemented, or (temporarily) there is no manager to lead the team. Or perhaps the department is unsufficiently effective or efficient and, therefore, the workload is unecessarily high and the quality of work (too) low. Or there are issues with personnel. There are many situations to ask external help to get the team back on track. Someone with vision who sets direction and knows how to motivate the team and implement necessary changes.

Therefore, the consultancy from DiCompass is focussed on this: review, decide, motivate and inspire. In other words, not only look at what the organisations wants, but also can and in this bring the best of people forward.

I help your organisation with

  • Reorganise / (re)structure your communications department
  • Increase efficiency and effectivity, and the quality of work
  • Coach and support employees
  • Develop / change job profiles

Would you like to know what I can do for your organisation? Please contact me on +31 (0)6 52 509 609.

Case professionalise department

Marketing, Communications & Cooperative department: central or decentral?

This assignment was done at Rabobank West-Brabant Noord. Besides bringing structure to the department and managing and coaching the team members, the question was raised whether the activities had to be organised centrally or decentral. For this the current and desired situation was determined. In addition the necessary steps to get from the current to desired situation were made certain. The current situation analyses focussed on tasks, activities and problems. The desired situation pictured how the organisation would be best served with Marketing, Communications & Cooperative. Based on this analyses I advised the board of directors how to organise the department. After several constructive discussions my advise was accepted and implemented.

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Diana is an excellent manager for teams that are going through changes. She is an active and independent interim manager. To me active means ‘considering, thinking, daring and taking action’ and Diana shows a good balance in these four characteristics.

Diana has a clear vision about the Marketing and Communications profession, she enables these disciplines in the organisation, she monitors the necessary quality and ensures the individual roles of the people are in line with what is needed. Her level of quality is high, she expects that of her team members and shows the right model behaviour.

Her management style is open and transparent. She does not avoid an argument and at the same time respects possible accompanying issues. She pretty easily changes her style as necessary. In addition she is very sensitive concerning the consequences of her actions towards co-managers and members of the Board of Directors.

The commitment and flexibility Diana showed during her one full year assignment were extensive. Consequently, I am extremely satisfied with the way she has fulfilled this assignment
Hans Verdiessen,
Directievoorzitter Rabobank West-Brabant Noord

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